Specter Inspectors
the game of ghosts and guesses

In this deception and deduction game for 5-25 friends, players use their smart devices to power an in-person gameplay experience.

Each player is assigned a random role - good or evil; magic or not.

The good team need to use their abilities each day to figure out who's on their side... before the evil team murders everyone in the night!

  • 5-25 players
  • 1 smartphone/computer each
  • 30-60 minutes
  • One player creates a game using the new button.
  • All other players join using the 4-letter gamecode and the join button.
  • Each player inputs a name and some clothing color info.
  • On launch, each player will be given a secret special role. (2/3 good, 1/3 evil) (1/2 of the good and 1/2 of the evil get special abilities
  • Story: This is where the story takes place, including all narrative and interactive events.
  • Notes: Players can type personal notes throughout the game to keep track of everything that happens.
  • Chats: Certain roles, like killers and ghosts, are able to communicate in secret with others using this tab.
  • day: Each day, players learn if anyone was murdered the night before, and they see what dreams they had. All living players can talk openly at this time.
  • execution: Living players can accuse one another of being a murderer - this prompts a poll, and if a majority approve, the accused is put to death.
  • night: At night, players "go to sleep" and are not allowed to speak out loud.
  • murder: Killers can select any living player to be murdered - they must unanimously agree on a target.
  • dream: Dead players come back as ghosts, who cannot talk, but can send "dreams" - clues about the killers based on their clothing colors.
  • random: All other players must respond to a few random prompts before progressing - this ensures that player roles remain secret.
  • good: all evil players are dead
  • evil: # evil players alive >= # good players alive

  • person: good, not magic; no special ability
  • illusionist: good, not magic; escapes from murder on first attempt
  • healer: good, magic; immediately resurrects murdered players every night
  • augur: good, magic; learns allegiance of each executed player
  • clairvoyant: good, magic; learns magic-ness of each executed or murdered player
  • medium: good, magic; sees name of ghost sending each dream received
  • seer: good, magic; sees all ghost dreams every night
  • immortal: good, magic; cannot be murdered at night
  • insomniac: good, not magic; sees names of murder nomination targets, but cannot receive dreams
  • psychic: good, magic; learns if allegiance of accused and accuser matches during each execution nomination
  • empath: good, magic; one random vote is switched to match this player's during each poll
  • telepath: good, magic; can chat with the other telepath during the day
  • watchkeeper: good, not magic; prevents murder of others each night, but reveals identity
  • detective: good, not magic; learns allegiance of one random player every night
  • killer: evil, not magic; can chat with other evil players at night
  • dreamsnatcher: evil, magic; sees all ghost dreams every night
  • obscurer: evil, magic; when poll results are revealed, names will be hidden
  • cheater: evil, not magic; one random vote is switched to match this player's during each poll
  • deceptor: evil, magic; unknown to player ghosts


This application is powered by nodeJS and mongoDB, written in 100% raw javascript.

See the latest updates on Github.